Our hope for a better future joins us together.

And our Lord said "Love one another as I have loved you."

Guided by the Holy Spirit
We listen to the call and follow His path.

Gently used

 sweaters needed

We'll find them a good home..


Find out how to become our partner.

Drop off canned goods, rice, peanut butter  and jelly to feed those in need.

mission & vision

Serve God.  Help those in need.  Grow in spirit.


our values

St. Vincent De Paul was canonized a saint in 1737 and his work to help the poor continues today.  It has been said that "the poor will always be with us" but charity lives on as well and grows with every volunteer and every person served.  Join a wonderful tradition of helping.

visit us in DEcember

         December 13, Tuesday  St. Vincent De Paul         meeting 6:30 pm.  Please visit with us. Helping others is a good thing. :)

    December 27, Tuesday  St. Vincent De Paul meeting 6:30 pm.

    The food pantry is open every Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Just drop by and visit.​ 

1612- St. Vincent De Paul starts a group to help poor tenant farmers

Our founder

St. Vincent De Paul

at Blessed Trinity

      Thank you for helping the Food Pantry!.

Our faith gives us a foundation in times of adversity.

report card nov 2016

how many did we feed?

             period          families  children     adults

Sep. 2016


Oct .2016000

78 families and

   individuals served

On Saturday November 19 at the Food Pantry

Let’s make 

a difference 

in Jacksonville.