Please bring us   jelly!!

how about some empty egg cartons

If you bring us your empty egg cartons we can fill them back up and give eggs to the needy.

  • we   do   love  veggies

  • We    also    love  fruit

  • We think St. Vincent would be OK with it..

God's gifts surround us

from the beauty of nature 

to the wondrous light

of His children helping one another

Call 904-996-8380

If you need help

or want to provide help

it's the first step

and it's the right step


atque nonvocatus

deus aderit

Translated from Latin

"bidden or unbidden,

God is present​"

peanut butter and jelly time

Kids' Favorite that is also good for adults

Besides tasting great, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich provides protein, zinc, iron and 20% of daily vitamin E needs.  Add in the calcium and magnesium and it packs some tasty  mineral benefits also.

Thank you for your gifts of peanut butter and jelly to our food pantry. 

you can

pray for  the poor

and pray for

our mission that 

our brothers and sisters receive the help they need

St. Vincent tells us "To be compassionate toward the sufferings and miseries of our neighbor and to weep with soften our hearts and to render them responsive to their sufferings and miseries.  Weep with your poor and your sick.  God has appointed you to be their consolation...Serve the poor with gentleness, compassion and love."

 Drop some change in the box in the back

  Our Food Pantry Director can buy a loaf of bread for as little as a nickel! 

  with your help, the daily bread 

​will appear on a needy table

a little variety 

A nickel can help

St. Vincent De Paul

at Blessed Trinity

You are not alone

He said 
"I am with you
to the end of time"

you know it...
if you think about it

Let’s make 

a difference 

in Jacksonville.