food pantry 

february 8, 2014

Becky and Jim sticking the shelves

         Jim and his Georgia Bulldog hat

                         Ed cutting down boxes

Mary not quite ready for a picture

        Nestor working at the computer

                        Barbara making sure Nestor is OK


bridget & barbara & mary

Mary is putting the bread into the bags to get the day going.  Barbara checks in the clients at the window.  Bridget talks to the clients at the door and makes up extra bags.

almost ready to open

saturday jan 25, 2014

Bridget, Jim and Geri outside the door just about ready to open for the morning.  Geri is making goody bags.  The box on the red push cart has meat today because Jim was able to buy it cheap at Second Harvest.  Today we could also give our clients sausage and lunch meat to add to their packages.  When Jim can get it, he buys meats for about twenty cents a pound.  It makes a wonderful addition for our clients when it is available. 

Let’s make 

a difference 

in Jacksonville.

St. Vincent De Paul

at Blessed Trinity

getting ready to open

Geri heading to the door to open up Saturday morning January 25, 2014.

geri in action

goody bags a big favorite!

Geri making up goody bags that are a little extra.  The grocery bags are filled with nutritious staples which we carry to the client's car.  The goody bags are small bags with snacks when they are available like chips or cookies or crackers.  It adds a little fun and a little spice for our clients.

Food pantry 

picture book

Jim and mary putting up bread 

January 25, 2014​