Let’s make 

a difference 

in Jacksonville.

St. Vincent De Paul

at Blessed Trinity

A Little Story

I met a man at the Food Pantry Saturday.  He was looking through some clothes donations we had just received in three large black lawn-size trash bags.  He found a few things that would fit him ok and I gave him and another lady two small white kitchen can liners to hold what they had picked out.  He was asking how we got all these clothes donations and I said they just came in that morning and hadn’t even been sorted yet.  I told him people just dropped them off and we sorted then into the plastic bins so people could just pick out what they needed.  He asked if we took in ladies’ clothes because he had a whole bunch of them.  I told him he could bring them the next time he came out.  Then he told me why he had so many clothes to donate.

He said “My wife died in December.  It came on all of the sudden and then she was gone.”  They had been together 15 years.  He said all the clothes were just filling the closet but that every time he looked in there he just started crying.  I said I lost my wife three years ago in December.  I told him we had been married 39 years.  He asked me what it did to me.  He asked it if “broke me all up.”  I gestured with my arm at the clothes on the ground and the tables and tents set up where the volunteers were giving out food.  I told him “This is all I do now.  Just this volunteering.”

I told him “Brother, I just have to think that they’re both up there wearing angel wings and looking over us and watching after us.”

I don’t really know if it broke me all up or put me together.  I didn’t get a chance to tell him that I look after two of my grand-kids four days a week also.  That maybe I’m a little more like my wife who raised six wonderful children in those 39 years.

I hope he comes back.  Maybe we can talk about a few things.

I think I have a little peace now.  Maybe I could share it with him.